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Small Business Support Grant Program

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Paper Submission Deadline: Today
between 8:30am — 1:00pm

Drop-off location: Delaware County Courthouse
201 W. Front Street
Media, PA 19063

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Need help translating your application?
We have volunteers who are bi-lingual willing to assist Delaware County Small Business owners to complete an application for this program. If you are a small business owner in Delaware County and need assistance in making application because of a language barrier, please call or email with your name, email, phone number, and preferred language, so we can assist you.

For assistance:
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (610) 566-2225

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Small Business Support Grant Program » Program Guidelines

Delaware County Economic Development Oversight Board seeks to provide small businesses located in Delaware County with financial relief due to business disruptions caused by the COVID‐19 pandemic shut down.

The Delaware County COVID‐19 Business Grant program has a LIMITED fund of $1,750,000

The window to submit online will be May 6th from 12:01am to 11:59pm

The Application Window for paper copy will be May 6th from 12noon to 4:30, and  May 7th from 8:30 am to 1:00pm at the Delaware County Courthouse, 201 W. Front Street, Media, PA 19063.

No applications will be accepted before or after the application window.
Due to an anticipated high volume of applications, it is likely that not all applicants will be awarded a grant because of funding limitation.

Submitting an application is not a guarantee of funding

Grants will be awarded to those businesses who submit timely, fully completed applications that meet the criteria set forth below

Eligible Businesses:
Businesses eligible for this grant program must meet the following criteria.

  • Be a small business defined as having less than 50 full time employees on payroll, March 1, 2020.
  • Must be a for‐profit business.
  • Business must occupy a "bricks and mortar" location within Delaware County that is not a residential home, and
  • Business must be located in an Industrial or Commercial (or similarly described) district within Delaware County.
  • Must be registered or incorporated to conduct business within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  • Does not exceed $4,500,000 in annual revenue.

Priority consideration will be given to eligible business applications to:

  • Businesses located in a designated CDBG, redevelopment, or blighted, area within Delaware County
  • Businesses engaged in "Main Street" activity. (retail, service‐based)
  • Businesses engaged in Manufacturing.
  • Businesses engaged in the Trades (Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Carpentry, etc.)
  • Businesses that reported 5 or more full‐time employees on payroll in Delaware County prior to March 1, 2020.
  • Businesses that demonstrate capability to survive with strong cash flow prior to pandemic shutdown.


This program seeks to support small businesses during the COVID‐19 pandemic. Therefore, eligible costs that will be considered when making a grant determination will include the following business expenses incurred or due between February 15, 2020 and May 5, 2020. Demonstration of these expenses must be submitted with your grant application in the form of invoices from the vendor:

  • Up to three months of Rent or Mortgage Payments
  • Up to three months of Utilities:  electric, water, sewer, internet, security systems.
  • Inventory: items regularly needed to conduct business incurred or due between February 15 and May 5, 2020


Businesses with up to $4,500,000 in revenue are eligible for up to a $7,500 grant.


  • The Application Window to submit online will be May 6th from 12:01am to 11:59pm
  • The Application Window for paper copy will May 6th from 12noon to 4:30pm and May 7th from 8:30 am to 1:00pm  Paper applications must be in a sealed envelope with Company Name and Contact Name on front

Paper applications are only being accepted at the Delaware County Courthouse Entrance
located at 201 W. Front Street, Media, PA 19063

No applications will be accepted before or after the application window

Only full and complete applications will be considered for this grant program


Every grant application must include:

  • Completed Application Questionnaire
  • A copy of your most recent submitted tax return, with signature
  • 2019 financial statements
  • 1st Quarter 2020 financial statements (January through March 2020)
  • W9 executed by the Business
  • Copies of invoices for grant award consideration: Rent/Mortgage, Utility, and Inventory.

If a business is awarded a grant through this process any individual with 20% or more ownership will be required to execute an affidavit of costs incurred that support the grant award.

Funding for this grant program is provided by the Delaware County Redevelopment Authority
and by a grant from the Delaware Valley Regional Economic Development Fund.